Paul Maxwell @ Selsey

Hi All

Werner and I launched last weekend at Littlehampton and fished the wrecks off Selsey plus an early evening session on the Indiana wreck ( bit sanded up now compared to the last time I dived it).
Fantastic viz. We had top to bottom viz early morning. It was just the destress solution I needed. Loads of mullet about and the Indiana was coated with big Pouting. One hole there had 8 massive Congers in it.
Had a decent 6-7 pound bass off Selsey. I was in a hole in a wreck and he did the back-of-the-cave-try-sneak-away-thing but put a solid spear in him behind the gills. Spear got jammed in the cave, fish went ballistic and I ran out of air. On the top I had a brief conversation with Werner and lost the spot. After 10mins of swimming about looking for my favourite gun I found both gun and fish. Lucky.

Stay well

Paul M