British Spearfishing Association Rules

The London International Club is part of the British Spearfishing Association (“BSA”), the main spearfishing body in England. The Club abides to the BSA rules in relation to the UK spearfishing competitions. For more information please visit the BSA Website.


Sussex Code

The Sussex Club agreed the following voluntary spearfishing code with the sea fisheries in Sussex. Key rules include:

» All minimum fish sizes as per BSA Rules

» Maximum 10 fish per species per diver per day (voluntary code)

» Maximum 2 lobsters per diver per day

» No Silver Eels

» No diving in the Bass Nursery Area off Chichester (All tidal waters inclosed by a line drawn 192° true from Eastoke Point to Chichester Bar Beacon then 078° true to Cakaham Tower).

Please respect this Code if you fish in the area.

Please note that the summarised regulations may be subject to change. For up to date and additional information please see the Sussex Sea Fisheries’website


CMAS rules

Spearfishing international competitions are regulated by the Confederation Mondiale des Activites Subacquatiques (“CMAS”). To have more information on the CMAS rules please see the following link: here